What’s the Most Popular Log Home Style?

Swedish Cope Log Style

Our Swedish Cope log homes, with saddle-notched corners, are the most highly demanded log style at Yellowstone Log Homes. Made from round logs with with a half moon shape removed from the bottom length of the log, Swedish Cope log homes have unique, defining characteristics. Engineered with a tasteful design and a solid structure, our Swedish Cope log homes are built to withstand the elements, adjust to shrinkage and provide our log home customers an affordable and fantastic log home reality.

Swedish Cope Appearances

One of the great realities of choosing the Swedish Cope log style is you have lots of options available to choose for the appearance. Yellowstone Log Homes can help you pick an appearance style as rustic or traditional as you prefer with the Swedish Cope design. A few different Swedish Cope styles you may choose from include the Swedish Cope Standard Appearance, the Swedish Cope Cabin Appearance, or the Swedish Cope Hand Peeled Appearance. Each Swedish Cope style is customized to your taste and needs. Listed below are a few Swedish Cope log styles to choose from, along with its description:

Swedish Cope Standard Appearance: Each log is milled to look uniform throughout the log home. The Swedish Cope Standard Appearance is often preferred by those who want their log home to have the more traditional log home look, without the rustic appeal. The standard appearance for the Swedish Cope is defined by its simplicity and traditional look.

Swedish Cope Hand Peeled Appearance: Milled logs are hand peeled with draw knives by our milled workers for a unique, custom, hand-crafted look. Customers prefer this style because  it is the best of both milled and hand-crafted styles. It is easy to assemble and cost-effective, because it is made from milled logs, yet it has rustic, hand-crafted features. Swedish Cope Hand Peeled Appearance are a popular choice for those going for the affordable, hand-crafted look.

Swedish Cope Cabin Appearance: What sets the Swedish Cope Cabin Appearance apart is its rustic features. Yellowstone Log Homes intentionally leaves some bark on the logs in the preparation process, to be draw-knifed off later to give the wood a more custom, rustic look. Out of our top three Swedish cope log home styles, the Swedish Cope Cabin Appearance is our most popular choice.

Each log home style has a charm of its own and appeals to customers differently, however, there is no doubt each log style is picturesque and elegant in its own way. It is our job at Yellowstone Log Homes to help you find a favorable log style to bring your log home vision to fruition. Our log home salesmen and contractors have decades of experience in the industry and working with customers. It is our greatest pleasure helping customers choose a log style to match their long-lasting dream. We have a log home style for every lifestyle and budget.

Swedish Cope Attributes

If you are looking for a log home with striking character, the character of the Swedish Cope log home style is undeniable. Swedish Cope logs are often preferred by log home customers, because of the round log appearance on the interior and exterior of the log home. Swedish Cope log homes are also incredibly efficient. Its simple, yet proven engineering design enables contractors to easily build the Swedish Cope log home. Built to the same specs, each log can fit almost anywhere in the log home. Each log is scribed piece by piece to fit perfectly under the log beneath it. An all-weather foam between the logs also fortifies the Swedish Cope log homes with a solid, weather tight seal. All of our Swedish Cope log homes are designed to offer our customers a cozy, home-like feel. Its simplicity and elegance are two major hallmarks of the Swedish Cope log style.

Swedish Cope Affordability

If you and your family are looking for custom craftsmanship at an affordable price, the Swedish Cope log style would be perfect for you. As mentioned above, the Swedish Cope log style allows you to have the rustic, hand-crafted features in milled logs, which are far more affordable for families. Swedish Cope logs are easier to prep and assemble, due to the simplicity of the Swedish Cope design. Time and money is saved by our log home manufacturer with the Swedish Cope log style, which savings are then passed on to our customers. Yellowstone Log Homes often recommends the Swedish Cope log style to customers for these reasons. First time log home builders will not be disappointed by the remarkable craftsmanship and financial savings of the Swedish Cope log style option. Once again, the Swedish Cope log style is the most popular style at our log homes manufacturer in Idaho.

Log Cabin Kits

Yellowstone Log Homes offers log cabin kits centered around your core interests of family, vacation, retirement and rest. Each log home from Yellowstone Log Homes has a refined degree of beauty and elegance. As one of the largest log home manufacturers in the nation, it is our mission to provide our customers the options and flexibility they deserve. Yellowstone Log Homes offers a number of floor plans you may choose for your Swedish Cope log style. Imagine your Swedish Cope log home waiting for you every weekend and holiday, every summer or family event. You can enjoy the log home feel from the inside and the outside with the Swedish Cope log style. It is the perfect escape to serenity and log home living. Yellowstone Log Homes can help you plan your ultimate getaway log home, and find log styles which match your taste and budget. Once you have decided on a floor plan and a log style, Yellowstone Log Homes can ship the log cabin kits to your location. Yellowstone Log Homes is here to help you find the log styles and floor plans which fit the vision of your log home dream. Call us at (208) 745-8108 today.