Yellowstone Log Homes offers the logs for your home as well as the building materials needed to complete the dry in process of your log home. Here are a couple of simple package options to choose from. You may customize your package by adding or removing individual items from your package.


(items shown with YELLOW tags)

  • TP® grade stamped wall logs & log beams
  • All log walls shown on print (1)
  • Log home screws (2)
  • Exterior log home stain (3)
  • Foam gasket (4)
  • Log home caulking (5)
  • Log roof beams (6)
  • Log support posts (7)
  • 1X6 tongue and groove (8)
  • 2X6 T&G for loft floor decking (9)
  • Log porch header (10)
  • Log loft floor joists (11)
  • Log stair set for most plans (12)
  • Log porch posts (13)
  • Log railing (14)


(items shown with RED tags)

  • Metal drip ledge for eave and gable (A)
  • Cedar two step fascia (B)
  • OSB rim board for eaves (C)
  • Architectural shingles (D)
  • Wooden I-joists & LVLs for roof rafters (E)
  • Roofing felt / ice and water sheild (F)
  • 4′ X 8′ sheets of OSB (G)
  • Blocking between wooden I-joists (H)
  • Framing lumber for interior walls (I)
  • Conventional frame stair material if not log (J)
  • Double 2X6s for window bucking (K)
  • Redwood decking or upgrade to Trex® (L)
  • Framing lumber for exterior decks (M)
  • Subfloor adhesive (N)
  • 4’x8′ sheets of 3/4″ T&G OSB (O)
  • Wooden I-joists & LVLs for subfloor (P)
  • Pressure treated lumber for sill plate (Q)
  • Sill sealer (R)
  • OSB rim board for subfloor (S)
  • 4’x8′ sheets of T1-11subfloor fascia (T)
  • 5/8″ couplers and allthread (U)
  • Vinyl windows or upgrade to wood windows (V)
  • Metal drip ledge for subfloor (W)
  • Exterior doors (X)