Your Log Home Manufacturer

Thousands of log cabin kits have been made by Yellowstone Log Homes over the years, resulting in beautiful log homes and cabins across the United States and Canada. Above are a few construction photos from past customers and contractors who used our kits for their log homes.

Yellowstone Log Homes does not take part in the assembly or construction process, only the manufacturing. However, we do connect our customers with log home contractors wherever they may be building. We have an extensive network of log home builders in nearly every state who use our log cabin kits. If you are looking for a log home builder near you, we’d be happy to connect you to a reputable contractor.

High Quality Log Kit & Materials

One important thing to consider when choosing a contractor is what product they use for their log cabins. A high-quality cabin kit is an investment that will last you decades. All of the logs in Yellowstone Log Homes’ cabin packages are made from Engelmann Spruce, Lodgepole, Douglas Fir, and Ponderosa Pine. Each of the log home kits come with everything needed for the assembly of the log home structure.

If you already have a log home contractor, but have not yet selected a log cabin kit or a floor plan, be sure to browse our packages and floor plans first. Yellowstone Log Homes offers a free brochure and a floor plan book available for $10, you can order today! If you would like to find a log home builder near you, feel free to give us a call at (208) 745-8108. Yellowstone Log Homes wants to help you start the log home building process today!