Dry House Logs

Huge inventory of house logs…

Yellowstone Log Homes has one of the largest inventories of house logs in the world. We often purchase entire timber sales giving us an advantage over other log home companies. We buy our logs for less, enabling us to pass the savings on to you, our customer. The quality, price, and availability of our log homes are unsurpassed.

Idaho’s arid climate contributes to our reputation for having the driest house-logs in the industry. Our logs come from standing dead timber, or they are air-dried to ensure a low moisture content. When a log is truly dry there is a much lower chance of settling, unexpected cracking and twisting. Additionally, log homes that are built using truly dry timbers have less settling than that of a kiln-dried, or a green log home. Many of our customers come back years later and report having little to no settling.

With more than fifty years of experience, Yellowstone Log Homes proudly maintains its reputation for providing the nation’s highest quality house logs.