Log Home Exteriors

When you first look at a log home, what stands out to you most? Is it the style of the outer appearance, the stain, or the logs used to build the cabin that catch your eye? It could be the size of the log home, the wrap-around deck, the massive expanse of windows, or the impressive overhang protecting the deck? Many elements make up the look of a log home, and you can choose various combinations of these elements to make your log cabin unique.

Cabin Styles

When planning for your dream log home, visualize how you want the log home to look. There are many cabin styles out there, so viewing other cabins is great to get inspiration and find your style preferences. You can determine whether you want a milled log home, a handcrafted log home, or a log home with half log siding.

Customize Your Look

Above are gallery pictures from some of our past log home customers showing the various exterior appearances of log homes. Keep in mind at Yellowstone Log Homes, we offer a wide range of options you can choose from for the outside style, color, and shape of your log home. If your perfect cabin style is not found above, you can customize your log home any way you like, with great selections of modifiable floor plans and log styles.

For more inspiration and style ideas, view our various log cabin kits and  floor plans.