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About Us

Log Homes Made in Idaho, Shipped Around the World...
Overview of Yellowstone Log Homes manufacturing yard

The Yellowstone Log Homes family has been manufacturing log homes in Idaho since 1962. During that time we have supplied well over 10,000 log home kits to satisfied customers. Our log homes can be found in all 50 states, and around the world.

We are nestled in the quiet Snake River Plain of east Idaho, about 90-minutes south of Yellowstone National Park and 90-minutes west of Jackson Hole Wyoming and the Grand Tetons. If you would like to view Yellowstone Log Homes national headquarters, and large manufacturing facility on Google Maps simply click here to see a satellite view of our milling facility.

Yellowstone Log Homes is owned and operated by a strong and close family. The company takes great pride in it's customers who have helped build the organization into a nationally recognized name for top notch quality, selection, and distribution.

A Little Bit of Our History
Yellowstone Log Homes history

Yellowstone Log Homes traces it's roots back to 1935 when Lewis Youngstrom started building mills and machinery for the wood working industry.

Lewis Youngstrom
Yellowstone log cabins history

In 1949 Lewis Youngstrom started a sawmill and logging operation in Spencer, Idaho. Although from the early years the mill was cutting some house logs, its main product was lumber, which was shipped throughout the west. By the mid 1950s the business moved to Dubois, Idaho and was looking for a new challenge.

In 1962, the first machined house logs were produced. This type of log with it's superior fit and finish, would forever change the business. Youngstrom Lumber would become Youngstrom Log Homes.

In 1976 Lewis was preparing to retire so he asked his sons Lynn and David what they wanted to do when he stepped down. The answer was simple—continue to make Log Homes! They knew the business and had made many contributions to the business over the years. Yellowstone Log Homes then started in Rigby, Idaho.

Lewis never did retire, but as he put it, "got re-treaded". Lewis continued a very active life of making house logs & inventing machinery until his passing in 1987.

The New Millennium
manufactured log homes - Yellowstone Log Homes

In the new millennium, we are still doing what we always have, while embracing future innovations, providing quality logs, and log home products for you, our customers.

Log Home front exterior, Yellowstone Log Homes

Check out a few of our log homes that have been featured in the nations top log home magazines! Dedicated to excellence, Yellowstone Log Homes has developed its reputation for high quality and affordable log homes. Each of our log homes is manufactured with the best quality materials available and designed to provide customers with an attractive log home for the whole family to enjoy. Read through the articles published and see what customers love about our product!

Luxury Log Homes
Log Home front exterior, Yellowstone Log Homes

We offer luxury log homes to those who desire an added measure of refinement and comfort in their lives. Our luxury log homes are spacious in size, with plenty of room to meet your family’s needs and lifestyle. Typical features of our luxury log homes include wide open floor plans, bonus rooms and game rooms, theater rooms and lofts, living rooms and basements, beautiful kitchens and so much more! Our luxury log homes are a true reflection of character and taste. Extravagant living can be yours at incredible prices. Let our luxury log homes be a signature of your own. Learn more today!

Affordable Log Homes
Log Home front exterior, Yellowstone Log Homes

Log cabins built to accommodate your family’s needs can be affordable and made with the best materials. As one of the largest log home providers in the United States, we make it possible for our customers to save big on their log homes. How do we do this? We make it a priority to get the best price for our logs, so we can pass the savings to you! Once you have decided building a log home is right for you, Yellowstone Log Homes can guide you to many affordable log cabin floor plans and homes designed with your style and budget in mind. Call us today at (208) 745-8108 to start planning your log home, or purchase a planning guide.