Log Home Interiors

Inside the walls of every log home, there exists a unique look and feeling, which spreads throughout the home and reaches your innermost senses. As you take in the artisanship and craft of the log home interior, you may notice several defining components to the log home interior. Some of these elements may speak to you on a personal level and even provide inspiration for the design of your own log home.

In the process of planning for a log home, you will need to explore your options for log home interiors. Each log home is as unique as the homeowner, with a variety of different interior designs, cabin styles, and aesthetic materials used. As you browse through the photos of the log home interiors above, you can get ideas for your log home kitchen, living room, loft, basement, bathrooms, and more.

Some log homes you may have noticed, have large open floor plans, with vaulted ceilings and spacious rooms, while others are more quaint and cozy. The differences between log home interiors may be great, but among those differences, you will notice how the log style sets the tone for the rest of the cabin.

Log Styles

At Yellowstone Log Homes, there are three main log styles you can choose for your log cabin, including milled, handcrafted, or the half log style. If you like the log look on the interior, you can choose a milled or handcrafted log style, as both incorporate logs into the exterior and interior walls and ceiling. On the other hand, if you prefer traditional walls without the logs on the interior, then you can choose half-log siding as an alternative. Half-log siding gives you the flexibility of having the log home look on the outside, but not on the inside. Some designs consist solely of log walls, while others opt for only a few logs used into the design, or none at all.

Customize Your Look

While building your own log home, you will always have the option to customize the look of your log home interior to your own taste and style. The possibilities for the your log home interior are endless, and you can design your log home interior to fit your family’s needs and lifestyle. Browse our log home interiors today to help you choose your log cabin kit.