What Are the Differences Between Handcrafted & Milled Log Homes?

In the log home world, there are endless ways you can customize the look of your dream log home. By knowing all your available options to customize your log home, you can be completely satisfied with what you choose. When deciding on log styles, many customers frequently ask what the differences are between milled log homes and handcrafted log homes. Without comparing them side by side, some may not fully realize the aesthetic and financial differences between them. The information provided below is intended to help you understand the basic differences between a handcrafted log home or a milled log home, to make the decision process easier. Please contact our log homes salesman for any other questions.

Milled Log Homes

How it Looks
Milled log homes have a standard, uniform look throughout the entire log home. Unique in its traditional appearance, log surfaces are smooth and generally do not require substantial chinking. Milled log homes generally are known to have less rustic features than handcrafted log homes, however, different textures can be added to the logs to give it a more rustic look if desired. Within the milled log home style, there are four types of milled log home styles to choose from at Yellowstone Log Homes. Each provides a unique set of features to give your milled log home a more diversified look. Check out examples of each of these styles by visiting our log styles page on our website.

Milled Log Appearance Options

Swedish Cope Standard Appearance

Swedish Cope Cabin Appearance

Swedish Cope Hand Peeled Appearance

T&G D-Log

Rustic D-Log

Price Difference
Milled log homes are recommended by Yellowstone Log Homes, because this log style is by far the most economical choice. Big savings are possible with milled log homes, because the log prep and assembly process is vastly simpler than for the handcrafted log homes.

How it is Made and Assembled
Dead standing logs are cut and shipped to the log mill where they sorted by shape, size and diameter. Each log is then processed through a lathe machine, where every log is cut to the same specs for a uniform shape and profile. Since every log is made to the same specs, a log can fit anywhere in the log home, eliminating the need to be preassembled before shipping.

Milled Home Overview

More Economical in Price than Hand-Crafted

Requires Less Time to Manufacture

Gives Your Log Home a Standard Look

Easy to Assemble at the Job Site

Logs Made to Fit Anywhere in Log Homes

A Better House

Handcrafted Log Homes

How it Looks
Handcrafted log homes have a unique, rustic appearance. Each log is prepared in such a way as to leave nature’s imprint on each of the individuals logs. Each log in a handcrafted log home is different and must be specially fit together with draw-knives and chain saws. There are two different hand-crafted styles, listed below. Visit our website to learn more about full scribe or chink style handcrafted log homes.

Full Scribe Hand Crafted

Chink Style Hand Crafted

Price Difference
Handcrafted log homes will cost more than milled log homes due to the custom craftsmanship needed to achieve the rustic appearance. Instead of being processed through the lathe machine, each log that will be used in the home must be hand peeled and fitted together with chainsaws and draw-knifes. Handcrafted log homes must be assembled twice, once to custom fit every log, and then again on the job site. Both the manufacturing and assembly process is far more time consuming than milled log homes, with higher labor costs.

How it is Manufactured and Assembled
Dead logs are shipped to the log mill where they are similarly sorted and sent to the hand-crafted division, instead of the lathe. Each log is instead draw-knifed to remove the bark, which helps to preserve the unique look of each individual log. These logs are then trimmed and notched to be assembled through chain-saws and drain-knifes.

Handcrafted Home Overview

Highly Customizable

Each Log in the Home is Unique, Different Specs

Distinguishable from Standard Milled Logs

Natural Wood Characteristics and Knots

Adds an Artistic Appeal to your Log Home

More Expensive, due to more Labor to Manufacturer

Handcrafted Log Homes must first be Pre-assembled Prior to Shipping

Deciding Which is Right for You
When it comes time to choose a log style, our log homes salesmen are here to help answer any of your questions. Both log styles are aesthetically pleasing choices. Ultimately, however, it will come down to your budget and how rustic you’d like your log home to be. One of the best ways to solidify your decision on a log style is to browse through our galleries online for our milled log homes and our handcrafted log homes. Give Yellowstone Log Homes a call today at (208) 745-8108 to discuss the differences in options available to you.