Perks to Living in Smaller Log Homes

Living small in today’s world is viewed much differently than how it was perceived in other eras. In fact, living small is actually looked on more positively than it ever has before. Most people are beginning to realize how living small has many perks and actually can mean a greater measure of lifestyle satisfaction in the long run. Here are a few reasons to consider building a smaller log home, if you haven’t considered one before.

Small Log Homes Are More Affordable

Buying a smaller log home can save you a lot of stress in the financial department. Owning a log home, whether it be a primary residence or a second home, isn’t much fun when you know you can’t afford it. According to Market Watch, 52 percent of Americans have had to make at least one or more major sacrifices to cover their rent or mortgage in the last three years. Imagine being completely confident you can always make your home mortgage payments! Talk about eliminating stress from your life! Owning a smaller log home, for some people, can allow you greater financial freedom and the ability to enjoy your log home even sooner. Smaller to medium sized log homes can still meet your needs and requirements for a log home, while giving you the reassurance you are financially sound.

Greater Mobility


Energy Efficient

More Affordable

More Maintainable

Reduces Stress

Smaller Log Homes Are Easier to Maintain

Living in a smaller log home means saving time on maintenance and cleaning. Think about it. If you own a larger log cabin, it is going to take more time to clean and care for it. You’ll have a larger kitchen floor to mop, more carpet to vacuum, more hardwood floors to sweep, more windows to clean, you get the picture. Nothing is wrong with having or wanting a luxurious log home, most people do, but it’s just good to keep in mind it will require more time and maintenance than a smaller log home would require. Know your limits, what you can handle, where you want to be spending your time, and if having “less” might making things easier on you and your family in the long run.

Smaller Log Homes Are Quicker to Build

Building a smaller log home means quicker construction. With less square footage and basic floor plans, a smaller log home will be built faster and more efficiently than larger log homes with a complex floor plan. Granted, this may not be true with every situation, but generally smaller log home plans will take a lot less time to build. You can look forward to getting into your log home a lot faster, so you can start enjoying your log home even sooner.

Smaller Log Homes Are Cozy & Easy to Heat

Another perk to living in a smaller sized log home is how easy it is to heat and cool the whole house. Having a comfortable temperature in your log home can be costly at times, especially when you have more rooms and areas to heat. It may be difficult to justify turning on the heat when you know how much it is going to cost you. Living in a smaller log home though, you won’t have to feel guilty about turning on your heater or cooler. You can just flip on the switch and set it to a temperature that is comfortable to you.

Smaller Log Homes Encourage Greater Recreation

One of the main purposes of a log home is to offer a retreat to one of your favorite scenic locations, so you can take advantage of the outdoors. Depending on your interests, having a log home makes it easier to access some of your favorite rivers, lakes, mountains, or valleys for your outdoor hobbies and recreation. Log homes have always been about the outdoors, but in more recent times some of the more luxury log homes have made it less enticing to go outside when all you could ever need or want is on the inside.

The perk with smaller log homes are they are comfortable, but also instill in you a desire to get outside and explore your surroundings. Whether that be in the form of hiking, fishing, swimming, four-wheeling, skiing, snowshoeing, you name it, smaller log homes are great to accommodate your needs while encouraging you to spend more time outside.

Smaller Log Homes Can Mean Less Stress

Since smaller log homes are less money, less work, less maintenance, and require less of your time, they can also mean less stress. If you are the type of person who lives a busy life, there just isn’t extra time to pay for and care for a larger log home. Life is too short for more stress than you need, and if you know you won’t be able to take care a larger log home, then there is nothing wrong with scaling down a bit. Knowing your limits of what you can handle is important. Maybe a little extra cleaning and maintenance doesn’t bother you with a larger log home, but maybe you’d rather spend more time outside or doing other things. Either way, the key is to build a log home that meets your wants and needs without overwhelming you with stress.

Smaller Log Homes Are Just What You Need

Minimalism is a trend that is catching on more and more, as people are finding their lifestyle satisfaction increasing with having less to tie them down. Find out if building a smaller log home is right for you by giving our sales representative a call today at (208) 745-8108 with your questions. Yellowstone Log Homes offers a wide variety of small log home floor plans to meet your unique needs. Explore our gallery of small-to- medium sized log homes today!