Full Scribe or Chink Style Log Homes?

Yellowstone Log Homes builds energy efficient log homes well-worth your investment. Each style is aesthetically attractive and customized for the look you have always wanted. As one of the largest log homes manufacturers in the United States, Yellowstone Log Homes maintains its reputation for its affordable and luxury log cabins. As you understand the many log home options available to you, building your dream log home will only become easier. Nothing is more important to Yellowstone Log Homes than making sure you know your options and are able to make decisions for your log cabin that are in your budget and meet your expectations.

Log Styles

One of the greatest challenges of log home building, especially with hand-crafted log homes, is fitting different sized logs together for a tight fit. There are many different log styles and wood working techniques used to accomplish this perfect fit. In the process of deciding which log style you would like for your hand-crafted log home, you may wonder which is better: full scribe or chink style log homes? The honest answer is one is not better than the other. No matter which log style you choose, Yellowstone Log Homes has the best log joinery skills around to make your log home aesthetically pleasing and energy efficient. So what are the differences between a hand-crafted full scribe or chink style handcrafted log home?

Full Scribe

Scribing, also used interchangeably with coping in woodworking, is when you carve out and shape the lateral underside of a log, so it is able to stack snugly on the log under it. Similar in look to the Swedish Cope, some prefer full scribe over the chink style, because of the tight fitting, aesthetic look.

A full scribe log home is constructed by cutting and scribing the logs with chainsaws, handsaws and others tools to fit the length of the log underneath it. Each log used is individually chosen, notched and hand-hewn. It is with precision that a full scribe log home is constructed with logs cut to fit together tightly on top of the other logs, with a smaller chink bead added between the logs than the chink style.

Full scribe log homes are weather tight and fully insulated, so you do not need to worry about any heating or cooling challenges in your log home. Our full scribe handcrafted log homes are built with a strong and durable structural design, which has been used by log home builders for thousands of years. Learn more about the full scribe log style today, by talking with one of our log home salespersons.

Chink Style

Traditionally the chink style was a common log home technique in the earlier history of log cabin building. Evolving over the years, the methods and technique of chinking have vastly improved to make the chink style more energy efficient and completely weather tight. Chink style is when logs are fitted on top of each other, saddle notched at the corner, with a “chinking” sealant in between each log to fill the gaps. Chinking is needed since the logs are not scribed and have larger gaps between each log. The chink style is generally less expensive than full scribe and can be an economical alternative.

When the logs naturally settle and shrink in the log home, the chink style easily adapts to these natural changes due to its flexibility. Some prefer the chink style, due to its overall rustic log home appearance and chink line. Built to withstand the elements, chinking is made to last. To learn more about the chink style, visit our website today!

Our log cabin sales representatives are always available to answer your questions about our log home styles and options available as you build your next log home. Never settle for a log home which is less than your dream. Call Yellowstone Log Homes at (208) 745-8108 to make your dreams a reality.