Does Yellowstone Log Homes provide any financing?

Yellowstone Log Homes does not provide any financing. You would have to find a lending institution through a bank, credit union, or a savings & loan association for all your construction needs and materials.

What comes with your log home packages?

Yellowstone Log Homes can provide both a premium log package, and also the elite lumber package, which includes the following:

The premium package includes all wall logs for the home, roof beams, log support posts, porch header, log loft floor joists, log railing, log stair set, log porch posts, 2×6 T&G for loft floor decking, and 1×6 T&G below roof over living areas, log home caulking, log home screws, exterior stain and foam gaskets.

In the elite package, the main floor framing, interior 2×4’s & 2×6’s, roof material, windows, and doors are included. For more information on both packages, please call for further assistance and current pricing.

What type of wood species does Yellowstone Log Homes provide in their log package?

Yellowstone Log Homes uses Western White Wood, which includes Engelmann Spruce, Douglas Fir, Lodgepole and Ponderosa Pine. The majority of our logs are cut from standing dead timber.

What style of logs does Yellowstone Log Homes supply?

We are famous for our Swedish Cope Standard or Cabin Appearance logs, but we can mill logs with a 6” diameter to a 16” diameter. Our wide selection of log home styles vary from machine to pre-cut, D-logs, and even hand-crafted logs are available as well.

What is the delivery time from when I order a milled Swedish Cope log package?

Once we receive one third down on the premium log order, we can have your log package ready to ship within 4 to 6 weeks.

Do you build hand-crafted log homes?

Yes, we have a hand-crafted division here at Yellowstone Log Homes. The average hand-crafted home takes us around 4 to 6 months to pre-assemble here in our yard, with either a full-scribe or chink-style log home.

Does Yellowstone Log Homes have an in-house drafting department?

Yes, we have a drafting department available for log homes, pre-cut log homes, hand-crafted log homes, custom, timber frames, stick frames, and even for something as simple as adding log accents to a home.

Is unloading of log material available at the site?

You will need to arrange to have the proper off loading equipment available on site. Most deliveries are not done on solid ground, so it is best to use an off road forklift to unload the truck.

What is the delivery cost of a Yellowstone Log Home to my property?

It really depends on how many loads it will take to deliver to the final building site, so freight is a factor in the overall cost of your home. We here at Yellowstone log homes will get quotes to help with this process.

Can I have my Yellowstone Log Home built anywhere?

Yellowstone Log Homes primarily ships the majority of its log home packages throughout the United States and Canada.