Log cabins built to accommodate your family’s needs can be affordable and made with the best materials. As one of the largest log home manufacturers in the United States, we make it possible for our customers to save big on their log homes. How do we do this? We make it a priority to get the best price for our logs, so we can pass the savings to you! Once you have decided building a log home is right for you, Yellowstone Log Homes can guide you to many affordable log cabin floor plans and homes designed with your style and budget in mind. Call us today at (208) 745-8108 to get started, or purchase our log home planning guide.

Getting the Most for What You Pay

Each of our affordable log home floor plans allow you to get the most out of what you pay for with cost efficient materials and layout designs! Our affordable log home floors plans are tried and tested, designed to eliminate wasted space and make the most of every inch of the log home. Our most affordable log homes are those with less corners, to make construction and assembly simpler. Log homes that are more rectangular, with four cornered-sides are more economical to build. We offer simple and complex floor plan layouts to match your preferred look and budget.

Customers are often amazed at the wide selection of floor plans Yellowstone Log Homes offers at many different price points. From traditional log homes or ranch log homes, to rustic log homes and modern log homes, or anywhere in between, your options are limitless. Contact Yellowstone Log Homes today to discuss which floor plans would be best for you. Our log home kits are unbeatable in price and allow you to get the most out of what you pay for.

Fulfilling Log Home Dreams for Every Budget

We make the log home dream possible for as many families as we can, because we believe log home living is the ultimate lifestyle. Nothing quite compares with the change of pace living in a log home can bring to you and your family. Log home living allows you to enjoy nature every minute of the day by taking advantage of the beautiful and serene views outside your windows. Yellowstone Log Homes can help you find floor plans to build a log home within a reasonable price range. Contact us today!