Utah Log Homes

Looking to build a log home in the beautiful state of Utah? 

Searching for a log home dealer in Utah is easiest through Yellowstone Log Homes. Over the years, our log homes manufacturer has produced and shipped more than 15,000 log homes nationwide. This includes 1,000+ log homes to the state of Utah alone! We have a vast network of log home dealers in every state, so we can help you find a log home dealer in any area you wish to build a log home – whether in Utah or another state.

Yellowstone Log Homes also offers some of the best log home planning resources to help you decide on the best floor plans, log styles, and log cabin kits for you. Our log home plans are fully customizable, allowing you to choose everything from the floor plan, log style, log size, stain color, and more. This customization creates endless possibilities when it comes to planning your dream log home however you like!

If you’re still deciding what style of log home you want to build, check out our log home galleries or Pinterest account for ideas and inspiration. You can also find practical log home ideas and planning tips on our blog or on our Pinterest page. Yellowstone Log Homes makes log home planning easy so you have time to focus on the rest of your busy life.

Give Yellowstone Log Homes a call today at (208) 745-8108 to find a Utah log home dealer near you. Start planning your dream log home today! The best chapter of your life is ahead with the help of Yellowstone Log Homes!