Floor Plans

Log Cabin Floor Plans
We are pleased to introduce our new plan book the Log Home Planning Guide. Our new plan book includes our latest and most exciting floor plans and models yet! The plans shown below are just a sample of some of the design concepts for modern log homes we have available.

Log Cabin Floor Plans

If you would like to see more plans simply purchase our printed Log Home Planning Guide for just $10.
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Log Cabin Floor Plans

Reputable Floor Plan Provider

Known as a reputable log home manufacturer for more than 50 years, Yellowstone Log Homes is the go­to source for log home floor plans and log cabin kits. Yellowstone Log Homes offers more than 14+ floor plans to choose from, so you can choose a floor plan best suited to your property. Whether your property is surrounded by breathtaking mountains, faces gorgeous lakes or has awesome valley views, you can choose a floor plan with a design which best fits the natural surroundings of your log home. Yellowstone Log Homes is pleased to offer customers a wide number of floor plans and log styles to give customers more flexibility. Each of the floor plans for our log homes are designed for specific budgets, family sizes, lifestyles and purposes. Whether you are a retired employee ready to settle down in a cabin of your dreams, or a frequent log home vacationer ready to make lifelong memories with your family, Yellowstone Log Homes can help you find floor plans for a log home. Joining dreams and reality together through fine wood workmanship is what Yellowstone Log Homes does every day.

Behind Our Log Home Floor Plans

Our log homes are in high demand. Behind every one of our log home floor plans is a professional design team, who makes our log homes as desirable as they are in the log home industry. Each floor plan is designed with an element of creativity and elegance which has come to be our trademark at Yellowstone Log Homes. Some of our floor plans are designed for customers who prefer the more traditional, rustic look of log homes, while others are designed for those who prefer the more modern style. We offer a wide variety of floor plan styles for every taste, which are visually attractive and aesthetically pleasing. Each floor plan is designed to accommodate the different lifestyles of customers. Since log homes are much more complex to design than a typical home, especially with log beams integrated into the roof structure or loft floor, we hire the most experienced draftsmen to draw out our log home plans. Our log home floor plans are designed with a deeper vision and purpose in mind. You can choose from floor plans which have big open windows to view the mountains, log homes with decks and porches to enjoy evening sunsets and morning sunrises, and wide variety of other customizable features for the different floor plans. All of our log homes are designed to be energy efficient and well­insulated.

Find a Log Home Floor Plan

While you may you have the general dream of a log home in your mind, the details and specifics may yet need to be worked out. Yellowstone Log Homes offers helpful log home guides to assist you in the process of your log home planning, including helpful information to help you decide which log home floor plan may be right for you. Our Yellowstone Log Homes salesmen and log home contractors may also offer insights for each log home floor plan available. If you do not see a floor plan listed above which suits your taste or needs, or would like to modify a log home floor plan, Yellowstone Log Homes can work with you to draft a new log cabin floor plan. Yellowstone Log Homes is equipped with a professional in­house drafting department to design custom log homes. If you wish to provide the blueprints for the log home you wish to build, Yellowstone Log Homes can work with you. Yellowstone Log Homes highly recommends log home floor plans to be drawn by experienced draftsman. Let Yellowstone Log Homes assist you in your efforts to choose a log cabin floor plan. Explore our log home floor plans today, or let us help you design your custom log home floor plan!



Log Home Planning Guide

Log Home Planning Guide
Pre-designed floor plans and ideas to choose from.
Start planning your dream log home today

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Log Cabin Floor Plans

 There are many designs to pick from! However, you are not limited to our floor plans. 90% of the log homes we provide are custom designed. An in-house drafting department is available to assist you with your dream home, or we are glad to work with plans that you provide.