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About Milled Log Homes

Milled Log Homes
Log Homes

"Milled log" is the term for logs that are cut by a machine to a uniform diameter. Most of the trees used to make a Yellowstone Log Home are cut when they are dead, standing, and dry. When a log is dry, there is a much lower chance of unexpected cracking, and warping. Air dried log homes have less settling than that of a kiln dried log home.

Swedish cope design
Log Homes

Our most common milled log is the Swedish cope design with saddle notched corners. We also offer D-logs. Milled beams are available for roof purlins, trusses, porch posts, etc. in diameters up to 40" and lengths to 42' long.

Weather Tight Seal
Log Homes

An engineering improvement provides the key to the weather tight seal of the Yellowstone Log Home. An all weather foam is placed between the logs before they are screwed together to provide a tight, & hidden seal.

Caulking and Chinking
Log Homes

Caulking or chinking is then applied to the logs to aid in weather resistance.

You will find, a milled Yellowstone Log Home is so simple to erect that you may choose to build your own. If you don't possess the house building flair, a reputable contractor in your area can build for you.